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Configure a RA Trustvox na sua loja
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Install RA Trustvox main widget in product's page
Install RA Trustvox main widget in product's page
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This text guides on how to install Trustvox main widget in product's page:

Trustvox main widget installation

Steps for installation are:

Configure Javascript scripts

We'll need to:

  • Provide some variables

  • Load Trustvox widget.js script

<script type="text/javascript">
window._trustvox = [];
_trustvox.push(['_storeId', storeId]);
_trustvox.push(['_productId', productId]);
_trustvox.push(['_productName', productName]);
_trustvox.push(['_productPhotos', productPhotosUrls]);
_trustvox.push(['_tags', tags]); // optional
_trustvox.push(['_productExtraAttributes', productExtraAttributes]); // optional
<script async="true" type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

Where following variables must be provided:

  • storeId (string): the store's Trustvox unique identifier Required

  • productId (string): product's unique identifier that store uses to identify products within Trustvox services (e.g.: creating sales via Trustvox API) Required

  • productName (string): product's name as shown in product's page Required

  • productPhotos (array of string): URLs to product's photos Required

  • tags (array of string): Metadata about product (e.g.: "Gender/Female", "Category/Clothes") Optional

  • productExtraAttributes (object): an object with arbitrary key-value elements which may be used for filtering products (e.g.: { "category": "health" }) Optional

For Trustvox Staging Environment

If the store for which we're loading opinions was installed within staging environment (, we shall use


Instead of


Place the HTML element placeholder

Place this HTML element where the widget should be rendered:

<div id="_trustvox_widget"></div>
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