Using structured tags
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This text guides on how to apply some structure to Trustvox products and sales tags in order to achieve common goals.

Adding tags to products and sales

It is possible to send Trustvox arbitrary information about products and sales when creating sales through our API. Such information is sent through completely simple and freely-structured text: the tags attribute (available for sales, products and clients) is just a set of texts.

Choosing some structure that meets your goals

If you want to elaborate on the information sent through Trustvox API it is possible to define a structure that accomplishes this desire. Generally speaking, most of these structures would work just like a key-value pair.

For instance, if we want to assign information on products' brands, we may define a bunch of tags prefixed with Brand/. These are some examples for our possible Brand/ tags:

  • Brand/TheRedFruitBrand

  • Brand/ThePenguinBrand

  • Brand/TheWeirdSquaresBrand

In this same fashion we could define tags' prefixes for sales department (e.g.: Department/Human Resources), sales channel kind (e.g.: Channel/Webstore), products target audience (e.g.: Audience/Teen) or anything we wish.

This "freely-structured structure" also allows for more complex hierarchies like Human Resources Department/The Recruitment Project/Phase 1.

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